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Innokin Cool Fire 2 Kit

by Innokin
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Prepare yourself for a vaping journey like no other with the Innokin Cool Fire 2 Kit. This sleek and robust device is engineered to handle all your vaping needs and more. Here's why the Cool Fire 2 stands out:

  • Adjustable Wattage: Fine-tune your wattage between 7.0 to 12.5 with ease, empowering you to customize your vaping experience.
  • Battery Level Indicator: Keep an eye on your battery life through the color-coded indicator - green for good, yellow for a soon charge, and red for an immediate recharge.
  • Protection Features: Safety is paramount with features like reverse battery protection, a 7A fuse for stability, and short circuit protection.
  • LED Battery Power Display: Stay informed about your battery status at a glance with the intuitive LED display.
  • Compatibility: Pairing with 510 connectors, the Cool Fire 2 Kit is compatible with iClear10, iClear16, and iClear30 clearomizers, as well as standard 510 accessories.

Step into the world of convenience and reliability with the Innokin Cool Fire 2 Kit. Whether you're a vaping pro or just embarking on your journey, this kit promises to take your experience to the next level.